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We just love sandwhiches!


Park Deli was founded in 2014 by Edward “Eddy” Tinnivlioglou in the Severna Park area. Immigrated from Canada in 1991, Eddy envisions people having easy access to delicious food that they could easily take to the park for lunch or for meeting up with friends. His passion for food got started from his Greek/Turkish origins, and he has brought that flavor into his deli. He enjoys creating unique menu items, like the Chicken Mojo that became a very popular signature sandwich in Severna Park and now in Annapolis.  
In 2019 the Annapolis location was opened with business investor Laurie Kinnamon, who is a local school teacher and an advocate for women-owned small businesses. 

Park Deli is enhancing Annapolis’s local flavor by offering friendly, quick but fresh food with friendly service, fantastic catering packages, and the best Coffee and breakfast sandwich in town.  We cater to local businesses, schools, non-profits, and legislators, offering fundraising opportunities and healthy eating options for our community. 

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